Source code for onnxscript.onnx_types

# Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation.
# Licensed under the MIT License.

from __future__ import annotations

import abc
from typing import ClassVar, Optional, Tuple, Union

import onnx
import onnx.helper

DType = onnx.TensorProto.DataType

DimType = Union[int, str, type(None)]

def check_dim(dim):
    if not isinstance(dim, (int, str, type(None))):
        raise TypeError(f"Invalid dimension {dim}")

ShapeType = Union[Tuple[DimType, ...], DimType, type(Ellipsis)]

def check_shape(shape):
    if isinstance(shape, tuple):
        for dim in shape:
    elif shape != Ellipsis:

tensor_type_registry: dict[DType, TensorType] = {}
_tensor_type_shape_cache: dict[DType, TensorType] = {}

class TensorType(abc.ABC):
    """ONNX Script representation of a tensor type supporting shape annotations.

    A scalar-tensor of rank 0:

        tensor: FLOAT

    A tensor of unknown rank:

        tensor: FLOAT[...]

    A tensor of rank 2 of unknown dimensions, with symbolic names:

        tensor: FLOAT['M', 'N']

    A tensor of rank 2 of known dimensions:

        tensor: FLOAT[128, 1024]

    dtype: ClassVar[DType]
    shape: ClassVar[Optional[ShapeType]]

    def __new__(cls):
        raise NotImplementedError("TensorTypes cannot be instantiated")

    def __init_subclass__(cls, dtype: DType, shape: Optional[ShapeType] = None):
        cls.dtype = dtype
        cls.shape = shape
        if shape is None:
            existing_cls = tensor_type_registry.get(dtype)
            if existing_cls is not None:
                raise ValueError(
                    f"Invalid usage: subclass {existing_cls!r} "
                    f"already defined for dtype={dtype}"
            tensor_type_registry[dtype] = cls

    def __class_getitem__(cls, shape: Optional[ShapeType]) -> type[TensorType]:
        if cls.shape is not None:
            raise ValueError("Invalid usage: shape already specified.")
        if shape is None:
            # Treat FLOAT[NONE] as 1-dimensional tensor with unknown dimension
            shape = (None,)
        key = (cls.dtype, shape)
        shaped_type = _tensor_type_shape_cache.get(key)
        if shaped_type is None:
            shaped_type = type(cls.__name__, (TensorType,), {}, dtype=cls.dtype, shape=shape)
            _tensor_type_shape_cache[key] = shaped_type
        return shaped_type

    def to_type_proto(cls) -> onnx.TypeProto:
        if cls.shape is None:
            shape = ()  # "FLOAT" is treated as a scalar
        elif cls.shape is Ellipsis:
            shape = None  # "FLOAT[...]" is a tensor of unknown rank
        elif isinstance(cls.shape, tuple):
            shape = cls.shape  # example: "FLOAT[10,20]"
            shape = [cls.shape]  # example: "FLOAT[10]"
        return onnx.helper.make_tensor_type_proto(cls.dtype, shape)

    def to_string(cls) -> str:
        return f"tensor({cls.__name__.lower()})"

[docs] class FLOAT(TensorType, dtype=onnx.TensorProto.FLOAT): pass
[docs] class UINT8(TensorType, dtype=onnx.TensorProto.UINT8): pass
[docs] class INT8(TensorType, dtype=onnx.TensorProto.INT8): pass
[docs] class UINT16(TensorType, dtype=onnx.TensorProto.UINT16): pass
[docs] class INT16(TensorType, dtype=onnx.TensorProto.INT16): pass
[docs] class INT32(TensorType, dtype=onnx.TensorProto.INT32): pass
[docs] class INT64(TensorType, dtype=onnx.TensorProto.INT64): pass
[docs] class STRING(TensorType, dtype=onnx.TensorProto.STRING): pass
[docs] class BOOL(TensorType, dtype=onnx.TensorProto.BOOL): pass
[docs] class FLOAT16(TensorType, dtype=onnx.TensorProto.FLOAT16): pass
[docs] class DOUBLE(TensorType, dtype=onnx.TensorProto.DOUBLE): pass
[docs] class UINT32(TensorType, dtype=onnx.TensorProto.UINT32): pass
[docs] class UINT64(TensorType, dtype=onnx.TensorProto.UINT64): pass
[docs] class COMPLEX64(TensorType, dtype=onnx.TensorProto.COMPLEX64): pass
[docs] class COMPLEX128(TensorType, dtype=onnx.TensorProto.COMPLEX128): pass
[docs] class BFLOAT16(TensorType, dtype=onnx.TensorProto.BFLOAT16): pass
class FLOAT8E4M3FN(TensorType, dtype=onnx.TensorProto.FLOAT8E4M3FN): pass class FLOAT8E4M3FNUZ(TensorType, dtype=onnx.TensorProto.FLOAT8E4M3FNUZ): pass class FLOAT8E5M2(TensorType, dtype=onnx.TensorProto.FLOAT8E5M2): pass class FLOAT8E5M2FNUZ(TensorType, dtype=onnx.TensorProto.FLOAT8E5M2FNUZ): pass def onnx_type_to_onnxscript_repr(onnx_type: onnx.TypeProto) -> str: """Converts an onnx type into the string representation of the type in *onnxscript*. Args: onnx_type: an instance of onnx TypeProto Returns: The string representation of the type in onnxscript Raises: ... """ if onnx_type.HasField("tensor_type"): elem_type = onnx_type.tensor_type.elem_type name = onnx.TensorProto.DataType.Name(elem_type) if onnx_type.tensor_type.HasField("shape"): shape = [] for d in onnx_type.tensor_type.shape.dim: if d.HasField("dim_value"): shape.append(str(d.dim_value)) elif d.HasField("dim_param"): shape.append(repr(d.dim_param)) else: shape.append("None") if not shape: return name return f"{name}[{','.join(shape)}]" return f"{name}[...]" raise NotImplementedError(f"Unable to translate type {onnx_type!r} into onnxscript type.") # Currently, only tensor types are supported. Need to expand support for other ONNX types. ONNXType = TensorType